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Guitar Lessons Beginners and Up!

Due to the current worldwide health crisis, guitar lessons are given only through ZOOM.

Experience the joy of music, and see how it feels to finally be able to perform your favorite songs. Edward makes learning fun and easy and you will get fast and satisfying results. Whether you want to learn music for fun or you are considering music as a career, you will be able to play/sing at your desired level.  The most important thing is that Edward works with you and helps you achieve your goals.  We will carefully select the songs corresponding to your level and taste, and you will enjoy learning and playing them.


Edward holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance from the College of Staten Island, and is a New Jersey Certified Music Teacher.


Subjects taught include:


  • Music notation

  • Rhythm and Lead Guitar

  • Scales

  • Music Theory

  • Articulation Techniques

  • Different types of vibrato

  • Building up speed and precision

  • Ear Training

  • Improvisation

  • Sight Reading

  • Building a repertoire

  • and Much More!

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